Editorial Team

Beatriz Elena Rodriguez

Beatriz Elena Rodriguez is a Colombian-born artist raised and currently living in Queens, NY. She works with black and white film as a medium of expression for her critical observations of social norms and stigma. Her attention to the work of these forces in any environment is a call to action: images that aim to change the world by letting us see in a new way.

Sam Brown

Sam Brown is a student and artist from Easton, Connecticut. Her work is primarily in experimental animation, though it often cross pollinates with film and painting. Through the concept of motion, she explores the preservation of otherwise fleeting moments and feelings.

Sophia Danuszar

Sophia Danuszar is a student, writer, and filmmaker from Easton, Connecticut. The body of her work exists in the mediums of short stories, poetry, and experimental filmmaking. Making use of both written and visual language, she explores the exquisite and the harrowing — abstractions of existence.

Editor in Chief
Alice Fritz

Alice Fritz is a multi-discipline artist, writer, and recovering software engineer. Her publications include a volume of poems by cats, articles for news and trade publications. Her work has been mentioned by the CBC, published in Humana Obscura, and Paper Magazine, and exhibited in the Silvermine Guild Art Gallery, Creative Arts Workshop Gallery, The Still River Gallery, and City Lights Gallery.