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☆ Essay, poetry, short fiction, non-fiction
☆ up to 1200 words
☆ 10-14pt serif font


☆ Photography, digital artwork, photo/scan
☆ Full color, or b/w
☆ No watermarks please
☆ High res (300 dpi minimum)


☆ created after 1 January 2020
☆ created before 31 December 2020
☆ Entries accepted until 31 January 2021
☆ PDF, PNG, or JPG

Other details

Shares in languages other than English are welcomed; please include an English translation and/or reach out for further guidance.

Friendly Fine Print

TL;DR: You retain all rights to your work, you just let us publish it for the Zine.

All copyright and intellectual property rights will remain those of the author/s, artist/s, and/or creator/s of the work. No transfer of ownership is intended, implied, or required.

By uploading, you grant the publisher, Pingo Soochét, permission to reprint your work in the zine, "The Song Between Our Stars". The publisher will contact you by the contact details you've provided should additional permissions be desired, such as to display on the website or in promotional flyer, posters, or web advertisements. To facilitate the publication of the zine you grant Pingo Soochét permission to store copies of the entered material digitally and/or in physicial reproduction, and allow that these copies will need to be shared with some other people, like those working at printing houses, staff and collaborators.

Pingo Soochét believes that artists should be paid. The Song Between Our Stars is a time capsule, a theraputic process, and a collaborative work. We don't really want to do it if it can't make money for the contributing artists and writers. But, an honest regard of the world of publishing during the economic collapse of the United States must reveal the high liklihood that the publication of a zine will not be particularly profitable. We pledge transparency, and redistribution of any profit. The zine layout work has been promised gratis. The cost of Web hosting, development and tech support has been provided gratis by our technology partners at BOOMFLEX. So, we do wish to pay you. You do retain your copyrights. And any payment of royalty does not alter your ownership: entered work is not a "Work for hire".