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Reading period is twice a year. Submissions are open in Summer and over the Winter. Submissions should be made through Submittable. To help cover the costs of using a submissions platform, we do have a small submission fee. There are also free-submission periods available. Please follow us on instagram to keep up to date.


We will consider unpublished written work: fiction, non-fiction and poetry. Simulataneous submissions are okay, but please keep us informed if your piece is accepted elsewhere.

Visual Artists

We will consider unpublished visual art that can be printed in color or black and white. High resolution photos of paintings and sketches are encouraged. Photos of three dimensional works will be considered also. Please indicate size, and medium. Digital artwork will be considered also.


Work will be accepted for consideration twice yearly. The original idea was to publish only one issue. But the team decided to continue serially, please bear with us as we prepare the framework to support this.


Artists must be paid for their work; same as any professional. That said, the publication of 'zines is not exactly lucrative. But profit is infrequently the primary motivator for making art or writing. We hope this zine may occupy a space of collaborative creation. If by some strange twist of fate The Song Between Our Stars turns a profit, we promise to share it. That's our best hope.


Artists all through time have largely depended on the largess of patrons, and the Song Between Our Stars is no different. Please consider sponsoring the zine.

Zine sponsors can be recognized through traditional means, such as recognition in the printed work and on the websites and social media. We are open to less traditional means also, please let us know if you have a specific program in mind.

Sponsorship does not convey any editorial opportunity or committment.

We have made promising intial parnterships. But we will need more support to reach further. Please contact us to pledge support for our print run, or make a donation through the sponsorhip form.

Our web development and hosting has been donated. Print layout work will be a donation. Proofreading and copy editing will have to happen. If you feel moved to share this work, we ask you to promote it far and wide and repeatedly.

Something Else

Can't find the info you need here? Please contact us at info at-sign .


Some images and clips for sharing are here